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Students say..

Deeksha, 11th, Neemuch

I was under intense pressure and feared studies being aborted due to tradition of early marriages. But thanks to Umang, that gave me courage to speak to and convince my parents and I am back in school.

Sameer Markam, Mand, Mandla

I had fallen prey to tobacoo chewinhg and I wanted to leave this bad habit. One day got to attend Umang Session on addiction and exercised restraints. I feel so relieved now

Ankita Chakravorthy, Jabalpur Distt.

I was passing through a difficult period. There were several health issues, but I was not able to get any guidance. Then I attended LSE Umang classes. It resolved most of my doubts. Thanks to Umang.

Arti Prajapat, Ratlam

The family matters had lead to extreme mental stress and I was in bad condition. The session on Fighting Depression gave me all the strength. I gradually built up myself to come out of the clutches and I feel so thankful to LSE programme..

Monika, 10th, Malajkhand

The score in the exams used to perturb me totally and I used to feel so depressed. But Umang has changed my way of thinking and I now choose to work harder, my results also are improving.

Life Skills Education (LSE)

An Exclusive Programme for adolescents:

Bhartiya Grameen Mahila Sangh (BGMS) through its sub-unit State Resource Centre, Indore have been working in collaboration with UNFPA and RMSA to integrate life skills education into the school education system in the state of Madhya Pradesh since the year 2017.. The project is implementing the basic Umang manual (developed for 9 th , 10 th , and 11 th grade) in all 9228 government high and higher secondary schools. Thereby, the program impacts approximately 2.5 million adolescents enrolled in schools.

Similarly, the Directorate of Skill Development, MP also initiated the integration of LSE in all the government ITIs from the year 2018. The present thrust is at providing support in institutionalizing Life Skills Education in all Government High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools in the state by making use of standard-specific modules for class 9th till class 12th and also, in all the Industrial Training Institutes, ITIs, by way of a manual specially developed in order to promote an enabling teaching-learning environment in schools and ITIs that results in informed, responsible and healthy behavior among adolescents and youth.

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Now LSE also on Television

The LSE Umang programme is now being telecast on Door Darshan MP wef 7/2/2021, every Sunday, directly reaching into homes of students. It is going to be a group of 3 shows: Talk Show, Recorded Live LSE Sessions & Animatics. There shall be 20 episodes.

All Students and Teachers are required to fill in a Feed Back form on the Episode telecast last Sunday. This is objective type with simple questions about the Subject and students' opinions. Please click on the link below:



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Programme Highlights

Umang Manuals

UMANG manuals are designed to provide content for teaching with instructions for classes 9th to 12th which include sessions on Life Skills, based on graded curricula. Accordingly regular classes are organised by all Government schools of Madhya Pradesh through specially trained teachers at schools.


Regular Sessions at schools

The LSE programme is run across all 9228 government high and higher secondary schools of Madhya Pradesh and sessions are conducted by Teachers for the classes 9th to 12, on weekly schedule. This has been included in the calendar by the MP Board, School Education Department, MP.


Reporting and Monitoring

A special mobile based app has been designed and used for regular reporting of progress by schools. Regular monitoring and hand holding visits are also held by the project staff, that is to keep constant vigil over quality and achievements.

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Online Sessions during LockDown

The LSE regular classes were discontinued due to lockdown. The Programme was quickly resumed over Online Mode through Web-based LSE Animatics and Videos being shared with students at home and also via Television. This provided uninterrupted LSE to students and they very much needed it at the time lockdown.

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Live Sessions videos

The series of live classroom videos has been produced to guide the Teachers on taking sessions with techniques and activities. These were also telecast, which worked as filler during lockdown..

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Talk Shows

Talk Shows are a special video series of Experts Talking to students on video and answering their doubts and queries on issues of life where in Life Skills are usable for resolviong the problems. Experts of national repute have addressed students' issues through this..

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Main Features

The UNFPA & BGMS Initiative

The UNFPA and BGMS have initiated to fulfill the need of imparting the Life Skills Education in most organisd manner. The programmes have been articulated by the subject experts esnuring transfer of core essence for direct and lasting benefit of adolescents.

With School Education Deptt. Govt. of MP

Life Skills Education program Umang is being implemented by Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, School Education Department of MP, in collaboration with UNFPA and BGMS since 2017 in state board schools of MP for class 9th to 12th standard students. A graded curriculum containing participatory activities has been introduced to build life skills among students..

Vast coverage

The Umang LSE programme has one of the biggest coverage. It reaches to all Govt. schools across the State of Madhya Pradesh for students of class 9 to 12. Teachers have been specially trained to impart the course.

Books & Literature

Books have been specially designed, printed and distributed. These also include practical exercises for the students to make the learning interactive. In addition, the students are also made available handouts for quick reference.

Teachers' Training

It has been considered throughout, to make sure the imaprting of Life Skills is done scientifically and methodically. Teachers have therefore been specially groomed to delievr the education for best results. This is an ongoing process.

Now Online

In a major step taken by BGMS, LSE with the Department of School Education, Govt. of MP, the LSE has been also launched Online owing to Lock Down in the country. The programme has going on most efficiently through internet delivering same LSE, online.


The project is providing support in implementing the basic Umang manual (developed for 9 th , 10 th , and 11 th grade) in all 9228 government high and higher secondary schools in the state along with implementing the manual developed for grade 12 th in 1874 schools situated in the district headquarter blocks. Thereby, the program will impact approximately 2.5 million adolescents enrolled in schools.

The project also aims to provide support in implementing the LSE based module developed for the government industrial training institutes in 46 ITIs of 8 districts – Alirajpur, Barwani, Burhanpur, Dhar, Indore, Jhabua, Khandwa, and Khargone – of Indore zone.










Scheduled Events

LSE Umang for Schools


This is Online Programme

Online available

Target: 9th-12th students

For all MP Board Schools

Links available at Schools

LSE Jivan Tarang


This is Online Programme

Twelve sessions

Target: ITI students

For all Indore Div. ITIs

Links available at resp. ITIs

Talkshows Series


This is Online available

Umang Satra wise programmes

Talks shows by Expert

Participatory Approach

Links available at ADPC's



This is a TV programme

12 to 1pm every Sunday

Talkshows by Experts

Regular Online classes video

MadhavMuskaan Animatics

Impact and Feedback

1. Better student teacher relationship: Both students and teachers have expressed that since the initiation of LSE, they don’t hesitate in sharing problems with the teacher who takes the session. The reason behind this can be attributed to the content and the high level of interaction which the LSE session demands.

2. Improved relationship among students: Since these sessions address the issues such as bullying, gender divide, and mental health, students are becoming more sensitive towards each other.

3. Teachers are becoming more sensitive: From the interactions with teachers and students, especially girls, it was found out that the teachers hear them out, try to understand them, and act with empathy towards them.

4. Improvement in the ability to cope with the challenges: Impact on student’s behaviour is evident in schools that implement the program effectively. They have become more confident and do not hesitate to raise the alarm bell. Girls, who previously chose to stay quiet when teased or harassed, now share the incidents with teachers or parents.

Feedback received in Monitoring:

100% Teachers
find Umang Sessions useful for students
98% Teachers
find material in Umang Manuals relevant for Students
97% Principals
realise the necessity of LSE for Students
99% Students
find LSE Umang Sessions ‘Useful'
98% Students
find information given in Umang Sessions ‘Useful'


Programmes are supported by


Samagra Shiksha Abhiyaan

Govt.of MP

Directorate of Skill Dev.

Govt. of MP


Indore, MP