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Programme Highlights

Life Skills Education

Umang Manuals

UMANG manuals are designed to provide content for teaching with instructions for classes 9th to 12th which include sessions on Life Skills, based on graded curricula. Accordingly regular classes are organised by all Government schools of Madhya Pradesh through specially trained teachers at schools.

Life Skills Education

Regular Sessions at schools

The LSE programme is run across all 9228 government high and higher secondary schools of Madhya Pradesh and sessions are conducted by Teachers for the classes 9th to 12, on weekly schedule. This has been included in the calendar by the MP Board, School Education Department, MP.

Online course

Reporting and Monitoring

A special mobile based app has been designed and used for regular reporting of progress by schools. Regular monitoring and hand holding visits are also held by the project staff, that is to keep constant vigil over quality and achievements.

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Online Education

Online Sessions during LockDown

The LSE regular classes were discontinued due to lockdown. The Programme was quickly resumed over Online Mode through Web-based LSE Animatics and Videos being shared with students at home and also via Television. This provided uninterrupted LSE to students and they very much needed it at the time lockdown.

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Life Skills Education

Live Sessions videos

The series of live classroom videos has been produced to guide the Teachers on taking sessions with techniques and activities. These were also telecast, which worked as filler during lockdown..

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Talk Show on Life Skills

Talk Shows

Talk Shows are a special video series of Experts Talking to students on video and answering their doubts and queries on issues of life where in Life Skills are usable for resolviong the problems. Experts of national repute have addressed students' issues through this..

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Umang manuals

A set of guides for Teaching:

A set of books in the form of Guiding Manuals for Teaching and conducting Life Skills sessions with students has been specially designed and is published. These are available for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 separately. These are made available at every school through the Department of School Education. Teachers find it of enormous value to conduct the sessions that gives them - duration of each session, objectives, activities to conduct and other elaborations.

The manuals are updated with inclusion of new sessions also. Thus attempts are made to keep the students abreast with latest developments and challenges.

The manuals also help in bringing unformity in imparting the knowledge of Life Skills across the entire State.




Life Skills in MP


Regular Sessions at Schools

Through specially Trained and Skilled Teachers:

Special efforts were made to Train the Teachers at schools through a cascade model starting from central level to discrete districts and block and other locations. This has built up skilled manpower to effectively impart the sessions at schools with quality.

The Board of Secondary Education, MP School Education Department, has already approved the syllabus and also included the session classes to be part of annual academic calendars.

The Life Skills education sessions are conducted by the Teachers at school level for the classes 9 to 12th on weekly basis.


Reporting and Monitoring

Online and field based:

Regular reporting is done through a specially designed mobile app being used by Teachers. The data of sessions organised is regularly and analysed. This is useful to maintain progress of programme..

The field visits are also done towards on spot monitoring of implementation. Staff visits various districts and interacts with district and school level personnel in order to guide and help improve record keeping, assess progress vis-a-vis target/plans, and so on.

On spot hand holding support to teachers is also done alongwith monitoring. Quality of sessions in also thus improved..


Learn Life Skills

Online Life Skills Education

Online sessions during lockdown

Web based sessions and Telecast:

The lockdown period made the LSE classes to be also disturbed. This was quickly arranged as to make web-pages of LSE sessions [2 D animatics and videos] and share the links with students. The LSE sessions were so held and students kept on benefitting. The Doordarshan MadhyaPradesh TV also was used for telecast of Videos of different kinds on LSE and it reached the students right at home.

Every Saturday a link was shared with students and they were attending these regularly as the Telecast was made on every Sunday.

Each of these online sessions had a feed back form, to test the perception of students and also to seek their opinions on the programme. .

Based on telecast, the teachers were also invited to provide their feedback. These feedback are analysed and used for improvisations, if needed.

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Live Sessions Videos

Umang sessions live recorded and shared:

Umang sessions as conducted by experienced and expert lecturers were recorded live and then these were made available to teachers mainly through telecast. This would also serve useful for training and guiding teachers about holding a session. This would greatly help improve the quaility of sessions taken by teachers of different abilities.

The same programme was telecast and helped students to gain the advantage of an LSE session during the lockdown periond when theye were missing the classes..

There are some teachers who are not comfortable or who are not expert enough on every technical subject. These videos are to be used by them as teaching aides during the sessions.


Life Skills Training

Talk Shows Life Skills


Talk Shows

LSE based Talk Shows by Experts:

A special series was prepared of Talk Shows by experts based on LSE sessions which serve as useful vidoes of showing live communication between Exprts and Students. The Students videos of questions were invited and the expert answered them in the programme..

Such 20 episodes have been produced on different subjects of LSE and these have been shared with students during lockdown period.

The webpages were designed to embed these videos and shared with students as well as these were Telecast on MP Dooordarshan network..

A special feature of Question box was added with webpage. This helped get questions from other students after the talkshows. These additional questions were answered by the experts in text form and the answers were shared back with students on next webpage.

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